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Welcome to Saqqara, a necropolis of celestial significance for the ancient Egyptian royalty, nestled within the once ancient capital known as Memphis. This sacred burial ground embraces the essence of numerous pyramids, crafted for 16 esteemed Egyptian pharaohs - with Djoser's step pyramid as the pioneer during the Third Dynasty. For over 3,000 years, Saqqara was honoured by pharaohs and kings of Egypt, allowing their forms to transcend into eternity. Today, these pyramids exist in varying states of preservation, most in ruins. However, one pyramid remains resilient against all the odds, the Pyramid of Djoser, also known as the Step Pyramid of Djoser, which was constructed during the 27th century BC in the Third Dynasty. This structure is regarded by historians and archaeologists as the first-ever pyramid.


The Step Pyramid, with its six tiers and four-sided design, represents the earliest large stone building in Egypt. Originally standing at 205 feet (62.5 meters) tall and with a base of 358 by 397 feet (109 meters by 121 meters), this grand construction was attributed to Djoser's Great Vizier Imhotep, who bore the title of Overseer of Sculptors and Painters.


Constructed in six stages using local limestone material, the pyramid reveals a labyrinth of tunneled chambers and galleries beneath its steps. These underground passages stretch nearly six kilometres in total, adorned with blue faience tiles replicating reed matting. A central shaft measuring 7 meters square and 28 meters deep resides within the pyramid, providing space for Djoser's burial at its base within a large limestone tomb.


Eleven additional shafts on the eastern side of the pyramid descend 32 meters deep, housing horizontal tunnels reserved for royal family members. Here lie storerooms containing over 40,000 stone vessels and jars predating Djoser's reign as Pharaoh. The design of this magnificent structure transcends mere tomb or grave; rather, it serves to facilitate a successful afterlife for the king, his family members and officials as they become One with their eternal existence.

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