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About Sayed

Sayed Bdaway was born into an original Holy family of Giza, one which holds a wealth of sacred knowledge relating to the pyramids. These secrets have been continuously passed down through the years. As a child, Sayed was chosen by his grandfather, out of many other grandchildren, to be responsible for relaying this ancient knowledge to the upcoming generation, a responsibility in which he takes great pride.

At a very young age, Sayed first experienced the power of the pyramids. When he was just 6 years old he climbed to the top of the smallest pyramid, and at the age of 13 he climbed to the top of the largest one. Only at this moment was he able to feel the magnitude of the energetic potency of the pyramids. This was his first time feeling oneness with all the cosmos. This experience had a major impact and awakened Sayed to his soul purpose among the Ancient Sites of Khem.

Sayed is well respected amongst the Giza Pyramids and his heart and home will always be in the plateau. His heart energy overflows with every secret of the pyramids, and this is where he himself finds his own power of healing.

Sayed’s greatest service to humanity is to be able to share his secrets and to help people directly experience the energies of the Pyramids. He knows the places in and around Giza which hold the highest potential of energy and uses sacred crystals to activate the energies. His mission is to assist people in connecting to these New Earth energies, so that they may anchor them within themselves, and within the heart of Mother Earth. The energies that one receives can be healing and activate one’s signature vibration for their own personal spiritual journey. Sayed helps every soul he works with to return back home carrying this New Earth Energy or “light”.


Sayed has been leading tours of Giza since 1992. He is the seventh generation tour guide in his large, inclusive family and is delighted to share the peace, light, and the energy of his precious pyramids. His grandfather impressed the importance of meditation as an integral part of embracing the energy available to all. Sayed seeks to uplift, to heal, to empower all of humanity during this time of spiritual growth, and easily resonates with all who seek to be energized in this most universal manner.


Come join his caravan of camels to participate in the soul-awakening experience of a lifetime: your Golden Light Journey!

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