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Would you like to travel to Egypt and enjoy a private spiritual guided tour by discovering your True Self through accessing the secrets of the Great Pyramid and the magnificent Sphinx. We can take you to the vast collection of ancient Egyptian Artifacts at the Egyptian museum and explore the Temple Complexes of Old Cairo. We arrange flights to Luxor to explore the real life of Egyptians, private tours to the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple, Karnak and Luxor temples, a luxury Nile Cruise along the banks of the Nile to visit sacred Temples at Aswan and Abu Simble, Dendera and Abydos.


Contact me - I am ready at any time throughout the year for you to come to Egypt when you are ready to begin your own Golden Light Journey. Open your Heart to Egypt. Egypt awaits you.  

Golden Light Sayed

Mark Adams

I met Sayed Adli Bdaway on a trip to Egypt in September 2019. Did I know of him prior to the trip? No. In fact, I was traveling to Egypt on my own, without a guide but with a purpose. A mere 45 minutes into arriving on the Giza Plateau, Sayed approached me. I had seen him on his camel and rebuffed him as the intention was not to take a camel ride but to feel the energy of the Plateau. Shortly after that, while I was nearly finished with one complete pass around the base of the Great Pyramid, Sayed decided it was time to introduce himself. He walked up to me, cigarette in hand, and proceeded to detail the exact reasons that I had chosen to come to Giza at this time. It was profound, unexpected and divinely orchestrated. Sayed’s family has been a part of the Giza Plateau area for over 400 years. His grandfathers worked at the pyramids when there were very few licenses available to work there in any capacity. One of his grandfather’s holds the record for the fastest climb up the pyramid and descending down it; something like 7 minutes. He grew up just 20 meters from Menkaure. I am not sure that there is anyone in Egypt more familiar with the heartbeat of the Giza Plateau or more attached to the pyramids. Sayed and his grandfathers have spent time atop the Great Pyramid overlooking the plateau. Sayed also said that he has always felt the Pyramids were his destiny; he knew early on that the secrets of the pyramids were only to be found in the esoteric study which is entirely absent in what passes today for legitimate Egyptology. I think a young child could figure out that the patterning, the scale, the type of stone, the precision of the stone cutting and on and on could never in a million years (literally) have been achieved with hammers, chisels and log rolling or men trudging megalithic stones up ramps and dropping them perfectly in place. I am not going to even waste a minute discussing the outrageousness of these quasi-academic claims. It’s an insult to human intelligence and to the people who achieved these otherworldly monuments. His mentor of over two decades was a wisdom keeper named Abd’el Kakim Awyan, passed all of the ancient ways and hidden truths of the pyramids over to Sayed. Unfortunately Abd’el died a few years ago (which I didn’t know) but Sayed is carrying on his work. Sayed is known in the esoteric Egyptian circles as a wisdom keeper; someone who has studied with indigenous people like himself who carry the oral traditions that have been past down through the generations of the Giza Pyramids and other sacred sites. Wisdom keepers help people connect with the truth of the pyramids, their many, many secrets and how those mysteries unfold perfectly to reveal the consistent truths that are constant in every animate and inanimate object on earth and in the heavens. Sayed’s wisdom keeping also involves a very complicated healing technique that is a akin to psychic surgery; it’s way too much to get into but it’s essentially an auric realm cleansing. One night we journeyed to Abu Sir (the former site of Heliopolis) for a private mediation. Abu Sir is known for its mystical healing and what I experienced there with Sayed was off the charts, other-worldly. It was if I was unzipped, purified and placed back into my body. I am not sure words can adequately describe the work done here. Abu Sir, like many of the significant sacred sites, are ‘off limits’ to the public. Why this is is technically unknown. However, Sayed is very well connected and understands how to navigate all of the loopholes of how to access these sites. He has been giving these kinds of tours for a very long time and his contacts can coordinate access to places like Abu Sir, Abu Gorab and so on; there are transportation considerations, guards and security to coordinate; in other words, the kinds of permissions that only a local guide can access. I was fortunate to also spend one evening until dawn in the desert. We rode camels to a location that Sayed had been using for many years to conduct spiritual journeys while gazing at the pyramids over the desert sands. He uses a mixture of oils that are part of his healing instruments. In addition to his I had three private mediations with Sayed to remove negativity across dimensions using ancient techniques that were at once fascinating and effective. I had been seeking this transformation for some time; I had asked and meditated on it for several months prior to making the trip. I knew that healing was necessary and thought that maybe just being in the presence of the pyramids would do that. Yes, the ley lines threading the Giza Plateau are powerful but having my chakras and DNA realigned with Sayed amplified that healing tenfold. I continue to feel the effects of that work unfolding more than a week later. I was in Egypt for just ten days but left an entirely changed man. I took a small risk in going by myself but cannot imagine how my trip! and energetic shifts would have taken place had Sayed not came into my life. Coincidence? I think not. I was never going to be alone on that journey for very long. That is quite obvious now. Therefore, out of the thousands of people who were on the Giza Plateau that day, Sayed was pulled into my life like a homing beacon. I now consider him a brother and know that he has impacted my life in ways that will continue to unfold over many, many months. This is the beginning of a new friendship and the first of many journeys to Egypt over the coming years. Blessings to Sayed and his family.


Margaret Fomm 
I have felt a strong pull to visit Egypt since I was a young child.
Through a recommendation, I conversed with Sayed on-line and it was arranged with Sayed and Yousef as my Guides, that I would go in April 2020, but because of lockdown that wasn’t possible. Well, I got there this April instead, 2022.
Especially, as a woman travelling by herself, it was good to know that from the moment when I landed in Egypt, that I would be met and looked after throughout my entire stay, which is what Sayed, Yousef and his whole Family did. I could not have been looked after better. There was a plan, which we covered, in both Lower and Upper Egypt.
After the yearning of many years I was there!!
Sayed, Yousef and the Family made me most welcome. We explored so many places, the Giza Plateau, and the Saqqara Dessert, exploring the Pyramids, riding Camels, the Sun Temple, the Museums, and the Oldest Mosque in Cairo, and so much more, all in Lower Egypt. Then off to Upper Egypt where we boarded the Nile Cruise, and visited many Temples, The Valley of the Kings and The Valley of the Queens, entering Tombs with their magnificence looking like they had just been built with their depictions on the walls and the colours still fresh as the day they were painted. All of this was arranged with Guides who imparted the History and Magnificence of this Amazing Land. The immenseness was quite overwhelming and difficult to take in at times, looking at the Splendour of a Civilisation from many thousands of years ago.
The Magnitude of the History preserved so well. I felt I was on another Planet. I also was aware of the today Egypt, which was very educational, seeing how the past and present blend, to give a unique land and peoples.
I definitely will return as one visit is definitely not enough. 



Marcie Wemhoff Young
When I started communication with Sayed Adli Bdaway, asking about a camel ride for an upcoming trip to Egypt, I had no idea it would turn into so much more. If you ask any of my fellow travelers who visited Cairo at the same time; and who also met Sayed and the rest of his family; we all had wonderful experiences.
All week, great care, respect & attention to every detail was lovingly given to us during our many interactions with Sayed and his son, Yousef Sayed Bdaway who is also a fantastic guide. We toured pyramids, shopped the bazaars, rode camels, visited mosques, had tea and were fed delicious home-cooked meals. Yousef even ran errands to the pharmacy for us.
This family exudes love. I was so impressed by Sayed’s commitment to his family, & tender care for his camels, Sirius and Snow. I admire his integrity. He has deep spiritual wisdom and an abiding devotion his beloved pyramids.  He is passing this wisdom and training to his son, Yousef, who is as fine a young man as I have ever met. You must hear of the history of this magnificent land Egypt from their lips. They will share with you the secrets of the temples of the desert, and the blessings of the Nile .


Lee Carroll - Kryon
Beautiful synchronicity today at the Giza plateau connecting with Sayed Adli Bdaway and his sweet camel called Sirius. Sayed is a light worker and a divine awakened soul who knows Kryon - Lee Carroll!


Natalie Alesi is feeling at peace with Kim Martino at Old Cairo.

Our last night in Egypt spent with our new Egyptian Family. We had another AMAZING evening spent visiting a mosque in Old Egypt/Old Cairo, where we were able to witness the evening prayer and learn more about Islam. The views at the top were beautiful. There was an overwhelming feeling of peace and one love. My heart was completely in the calm and peaceful energy of this mosque. A visit to the infamous Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar & a lovely local dinner. Our hearts are FULL as we begin our journey back to the USA but a piece of our hearts will remain here in Egypt.
Until we meet again. Many blessings!  


Mark Adams  
Last Night, Magical? Mystical? Well, while I have been remiss in posting photos it is only due to the amount of travel and visits to sacred sites. There will be more because they deserve to be seen. I spent last night with Sayed Adli Bdaway in Abusir which is also known as Heliopolis; the Temple of the Sun. Sayed is a wisdom keeper of the ancient Egyptian history; like taking Egyptology and turning it upside down. “Wisdom keeping” is a post for another time. Not that I should be surprised but Sayed sent me a video of his wisdom teacher of many, many years, Abd’el Hakim Awyan. What Sayed did not know is that I was familiar with this man’s work and had always hoped to meet him one day. I have now had the priceless opportunity to work with Abd’el through Sayed.
One of the ancient ways is to activate other dormant strands of our DNA and the gateway to wisdom through the pineal gland. Last night Sayed organized a private meditation in Abusir which required a lot of organization and permission through his connections. This area is under armed guard security at night. We had nothing but headlamps to guide our way through the Temple. The objective; a chakra and auric cleanse and cellular reintegration while half entombed in the sarcophagus of a Pharaoh’s Queen. Getting to the sarcophagus requires sliding down a shaft about 30 feet to reach the area where the two tombs are positioned. Once on the ground floor you are struck by the Pharoah’s immense sarcophagus and the decision to place his wife immediately beside it. The area is large but her tomb is completely astride his.
This sarcophagus was a very tight fit and getting in and out was challenging. It is not very deep nor is it wide for someone that is 6’1. Once inside you look up and once completely
slide your way in you are entombed up to your hips. You are in the dark and you meditate while Sayed goes off does Astral work. We ended the 2 hours with a quiet meditation sitting on the black basalt floor of Abusir’s Sun Temple. I was cognizant if the history of initiates who would have arrived to Giza to become master healers in days gone by. These ancient souls would have walked past the same two columns that we did and stared in wonder as the sun rise perfectly between them each morning. I will be forever grateful for this new friendship with Sayed; he has impacted my life in ways you can not imagine. 🙏 


Jason Köhnen

Hello Sayed. I have written a testimonial for your website. Its from the heart.....
"There is no testimonial that can really justify the hospitality, kindness and humanity that Sayed provides in introducing the pyramids and all the magic that surrounds Gizeh. I came in touch by Sayed by accident, or should I call it fate. In a moment of my life where I needed to find something which was missing in my life. Two days with Sayed was a life changing meeting. It was meant to happen there and at that moment. It was more than just a ‘tour’, it was meeting real humanity again. Spirituality, trust, friendship, and an immense dose of hospitality. I am grateful to Sayed for the short time we spent together. Our paths will cross again someday. But if you plan to visit Gizeh, I can only recommend Sayed. Not just the the wondrous pyramids, but to meet this wonderful human being. Inshallah."


Aaron Bagley‎‏ &  Cristin Bagley

Having spent a week with Sayed and his friendly crew of guides in November 2018, my husband and I can absolutely recommend Golden Light Journey as *the* way to visit this incredible land full of mystery and intrigue! While a large tour company would likely take you to the same sites, the overall experience would be vastly different, and you could miss out on some incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Sayed gave us such a memorable experience while exploring the Giza and Cairo area. His humble kindness, generosity, and hospitality helped us to not only live like locals, but to really feel like members of his family. And if you’re looking to explore the spiritual side of Egypt, he is exactly the guide you are looking for! Sayed grew up amongst the pyramids, so he knows the ins and outs of Giza and the surrounding area, and was able to provide a different experience away from crowded spots and large groups of tourists. He knows exactly what times to visit and avoid the major sites. When walking around the plateau, you’ll quickly realize that everyone recognizes Sayed’s friendly face, and they will all tell you he is the most wonderful guide you could ask for. This is amplified by the sheer amount of ancient knowledge he holds and is willing to share with those lucky enough to travel with him.
In addition to visiting the plateau and entering the pyramids (a mind-blowing experience in itself), visiting Saqqara, Memphis, and the Red Pyramid, he took us to many delicious local eateries, papyrus and oil shops, a carpet school, the oldest mosque in Egypt, the Cavern Church, and the Cairo Museum. He has his own camels, which we really enjoyed taking out a few times, as well as access to horse drawn carriages. He also led us in multiple beautiful meditations, one of which took place at sunrise after sleeping under the stars in the desert with a view of the pyramids, a rare experience that we will hold near to our hearts forever!
We appreciated that he, or another knowledgeable guide, was with us at all locations and escorted us to and from the place we were staying each day. We always felt very safe and in good hands. This was also incredibly helpful in cases where people wanted to sell us souvenirs or when the local children wanted take tourist selfies with us... it’s amazing how much time can be lost on these seemingly small things when traveling alone, and every moment counts when you have a limited amount of time in such an exciting place.
Golden Light Journey will work with your group, whether large or small, to plan the right itinerary for you. Each evening we would discuss the plan for the following day’s activities, usually accompanied by dinner, tea, and wonderful conversation with Sayed in his family home. We are eternally grateful and honored by his friendship, and for the chance to explore his homeland with him. We are also greatly looking forward to the time when we will meet again!

Our recommendations:
- Really take time to connect with the energy of these ancient sites, it can be intense but also balancing and beautiful
- Travel by tuk-tuk and camelback
- Try some Kosheri - it’s delicious
- Learn to say thank you: “Shukran”
- Bring cash for baksheesh (tips)
- Consider visiting in the wintertime: November was very comfortable and not crowded
- Book your Golden Light Journey ASAP
Thank you for everything, my brother. Much love, and all of the hugs to you and your beautiful family 💗 


Mila Nesterova 

What an incredible beautiful journey we had!
Thanks so much to Sayed Golden Light, thanks for holding us and keeping us safe through it all the time🙏🏻 Sayed and his incredible team were very attentive to all our needs and managed to meet them all during our stay.
Everything was organized super well, we managed to see so much in such a short time.
Sayed's family have been the keepers of the Pyramids for centuries and connected deeply and spiritually to that beautiful, magical and powerful land and it's secrets, so if you are looking for something special you are at the right place.
Thanks so so much again, what a magnificent country, beautiful, humble and lovely people and magical places to visit! This journey will stay forever in my heart and memory.
I really recommend Sayed and Golden Light Journey if you are looking for a tour guide in Giza, Pyramids and around Egypt 


Gerry Ubels
“For 4 years Sayed and me were friends on Facebook. My name is Gerry Ubels. That’s how it started, Together with Peter Aziz and Sayed Golden Light we organized a tour in December 2018.
It was a magical tour. We did so much in short time: camel rides, cruise on the Nile visiting Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Hathor temple, Abydos, Giza and so much more….. a night in the desert.
Sayed was very flexible. Everything we wanted in the program: HE MADE IT POSSIBLE!
Everything is arranged, picked up at the airport, baggage handled for us. Sayed knows good restaurants with good food.
Sayed and his family worked for generations on the Giza plateau. He took care of our safety and made the whole journey fantastic. Thank you Sayed and beloved family team!
My advice is let Sayed be your guide, I can highly recommend him.
LOTS OF LOVE AND BLISS! Gerry Ubels, Peter Aziz”
Thank you for everything! 

Robert Potter

I have organized 3 tours to Egypt and  I am happy that the last 2 tours were with Sayed Light. Working with Sayed to create the finest tour experience possible was an easy and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend you allow him to be your man in Egypt.
From the moment he greets you at the customs gate you feel the comfortable knowing you are safe and in capable hands. He takes care of all transportation and sees to it that your arrival is trouble free with you baggage handled for you. He speaks excellent English and can negotiate all manners of your trip to your complete satisfaction.
Sayed's family is well known and for generations have been a fixture on the Giza plateau. This is the type of experience and connection you need to get the special extras when trying to have the best tour possible. Getting around in a foreign country can be intimidating if you don’t know the language. When you’re with Sayed worry disappears and a calm confidence rises as you can enjoy your time without frustration and confusion. If a problem pops up he will take care of any obstacle.
He will arrange camel rides and tours into the bazaar for your shopping needs. Special showings of exotic oils and even into shops where Papyrus is made. He takes you to restaurants where westerners can eat safely without fear of the Pharoah's revenge as an upset tummy can ruin a trip.
Sayed has relations in charge of the Great Pyramid and though it is expensive if you wish to have a private entry at night into the great pyramid he will get it done. He will take you to the Sphinx, The Funerary Temple. The Great Pyramid, The Khefren Pyramid and even a dining experience at sunset on sand dunes if that is your desire.
If you have a larger group he can make it all happen. My group was over 40 people and he got us all into the great Pyramid for a private entry and even into the long closed Queens Chamber. If you want to go to Sakkara he will get a large or small tour bus and nurture your group to this highly sought after site. You will experience the new museum and even see inside the ancient chambers that house the giant granite meditation megaliths.
Sayed can even arrange a trip down the Nile to the Valley of the Kings on river ship cruise boat. You spend several days on a boat travelling at night. In the morning you will find your self near The Temple of Luxor, The Hathor Temple, Abydos and other famous ancient sites. These are only the tip of the iceberg of the amazing wonders of Egypt.
Whatever your budget and from one person to 100 Sayed can make your trip a most enjoyable experience. Go with god to Egypt and let Sayed be your guide Sayed is my tour guide of choice and my friend.


Teresa Perfrement
Thank you Sayed Bdaway for a most amazing and enlightening tour of the Giza Plateau in 2017. I was blessed to be a guest in Sayed's family home for 11 days of a month long journey through Egypt. A ride on his camel out into the desert to commune with the pyramids, enjoying chai prepared on a traditional Bedouin fire and countless chats with Sayed about the nature of the energy present on the Giza plateau were some of the highlights.  Sayed's unique perception is a valuable asset when touring any of the sacred spaces in this part of the world. I will treasure always his open heart, honest channeling and his ability to keep his word.
We traveled by camel, by car, in a three-wheeled mini cab, in a crowded street van and on foot to explore ancient sites as well as local places of interest. Sayed provided water, food, shelter and entertainment along with his insight into my purpose as a light worker, energy healer and child of God.
There was no question I couldn't ask and no hesitation when I needed anything. I trust you will have the experience of a lifetime when you tour with this man and his capable team.
Bless your journey ❤ 

Jette Nørgaard
Journey of our life   15 days in Egypt with Sayed Adli Bdaway and his lovely family of light.
The short version: We have been met with limitless hospitality and kindness. On our first day we spend time to plan the days in Egypt. Some adjustments were made for it to be just perfect. Just to mention: Pyramids on the Giza plateau - Alexandria - Cruise on the River Nile - Aswan to Luxor - Lovely temples - Egyptian museum - Trip to the white and black desert. Great hotels - lovely trips to fantastic sights - professional, yet intuitive and responsive tour guides.
The particulars: 3 days after first contacting Sayed in june, with a vague request about a 2 week journey, he sent us a 3 page intinary programme, containing all that we could dream of - at a very fair price. The next day, plane tickets were bought and a big "Yes Please" sent to Sayed (our only contract!). Our few questions popping up along the way, were answered immediately and we had a single videoconference. But most important: We had (mutual) trust, that we were in the right company. And we sure was; Sayed and his son Yousef, became instant family, and effortlessly tuned into our specific state of mind (...heart and soul), adjusting the details to fit our desires. Everything (!) was taken care of and we were held by the hand, all the way. This is very different from our usual way of travelling and took some surrendering. However, in this case, it really made sense: We could focus 100% on our spiritual journey, free from dealing with practical details and hassle, in a "protected bubble" keeping our energies as  high vibrating as possible.
It was highlight upon highlight, with life lasting experiences and connections - and quite a few "special privileges", along the way. We highly recommend Sayed an Yousef, for a tailor made Golden Light Journey to the ancient Egypt! 🥰 


Leimomi Axea Keliikuli

Thank you Sayed Bdaway for your hospitality and welcoming us in your home of Egypt. When we connected with Sayed we told him how we were here to do our mission of gridwork at the pyramids he helped us get to our destinations. And we had fun doing it camping in the desert, visiting pyramids of Giza plateau, Dashur pyramids and Saqqara.
My family and I were able to finish the 6 gridwork activations and open the cosmic gateway needed to reconnect all the big grids we have been doing world wide. We've completed 8 out of the 10 big grids we have been shown in USA, Bali, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia, Netherlands, Egypt.
We are grateful for the quality time spent together and the healing and blessings we received as we did the gridwork. And created lifelong friends.


Ned Ashton

Sayed's Golden Light tours are priceless! If you want the opportunity to truly experience the Blessed energies of the Pyramids and other sacred sights of Egypt he's your golden ticket!  simply meditating in or around the pyramids is normally prohibited, but with Sayed Light as your guide it's all possible and hassle free! Do your heart and soul a favor and take his tour. It's a blessed experience you will never forget!
Victory of the Light! 

Rhonda T
Organising my group tour with Sayed, of Golden Light Journey was a truly rewarding experience. Every one of my requests was carefully listened to and incorporated in the itinerary. All was totally customised with ease and grace. From arrival in Cairo, to departure after the tour, every detail was attended to efficiently. It was a joy to have Sayed and his son Yousef guide us each day and travel with our group. They were very professional, yet friendly and showed a caring, genuine personal interest in our group. I highly recommend contacting Golden Light Journey to organise your Egypt Tour. 'Love and blessings Sayed's wisdom and knowledge is unsurpassed. He has much to offer of the ancient wisdom of the Pyramids and Sacred Temples.


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