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Custom Tours Are Available If the standard group itinerary does not fit your individual requirements, you may book a custom solo tour with Golden Light Journey. Sayed does his absolute best to accommodate the needs of every single traveler. Special care will be taken to ensure your trip is as comfortable and informative as possible, while still meeting your individual needs. Feel like going wait the flow
make your journey your own 100% tailored to Egypt! Customize your journey to Egypt and Enjoy ordering a customized spiritual journey to Egypt! Travel  with golden light journey a trusted tour operator in Egypt and enjoy personalized service, we offer private customized tours to Egypt Contact us  Whether you want some modifications to our tours or you have an itinerary built from scratch, our local travel specialists can create your perfect trip. In addition to the many benefits when booking with - booking cruises, handpicked hotels, flights, transfers, excursions and more - customized tours offer a personalized experience. You decide where to visit, and how much time to spend? How many people? In addition, what type of accommodation suits you best. Want it exactly your way? We can help you create 100% customized journey to Egypt and the perfect customized trip to Egypt. Get a free quote now! Tell us about your travel plans Contact Us For to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding your travel arrangements and to obtain. We greatly look forward to assisting you 

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