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Welcome to the Red Pyramid, located in the Dashur necropolis, about an hour's journey south of the Giza Plateau. It is also named by its Egyptian designation, Kha-Sneferu, which translates to "Sneferu Shines". This is attributed to the rusty hue of its red limestone blocks, and it holds the title of the third-largest pyramid in Egypt, surpassed by those of the Great Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre at Giza.


Upon completion, the surface would have been encased in smooth white Tora limestone, scarce remnants remain as most of the limestone was repurposed for building works within Cairo itself. The coarser red limestone blocks being the inner construction of the pyramid.  Construction was attributed to the Pharaoh Sneferu around 2590 BC, having taken around 17 years to complete. The pyramid's slope angle measures 43 degrees and stands at an apex height of 105 metres (344 feet), with a width of 220 metres (720 feet).


The entrance to this ancient structure lies on the northern side, accessed by modern steps leading towards the centre of the pyramid. Originally concealed under the covering of white limestone, attempting to deter tomb robbers from locating the entrance. From this northern entry, a passage descends at an angle of 27 degrees for 60 metres (200 feet) into the pyramid's inner chambers. This passage measures approximately 1 metre (3 feet) by 1.2 metres (4 feet) wide and leads to an open chamber with a corbelled eleven-stepped ceiling which rises 12 metres high. At its southern end, a short horizontal passage grants access into a second chamber located directly beneath the pyramid's apex. Within this chamber, on the far wall lies a wooden stairwell leading to an entry towards its top right corner and into an upper platform overlooking a third chamber. This higher elevated entrance exists due to previous attempts at uncovering hidden passageways or burials beneath the third chamber's flooring evidenced by large blocks and rubble scattered across the floor. The exit is via the same passageways taken to enter the pyramid.

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