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Unlock the Secrets of Ancient Egypt

It is with great honor that I am able to extend to you the journey of a lifetime! Whether you are planing a solo spiritual journey, or a group excursion with family and friends, Golden Light Journey offers All-Inclusive Tour Packages to make your journey as comfortable, informative, relaxed, and rewarding as possible. 


You will be guided throughout all of the sacred historical locations in the land of Egypt, home to the Great Pyramids. These Pyramids carry the mysterious knowledge and unfolded wisdom of an ancient advanced civilization: a civilization that knew how to create balance between the mind and the soul, and to also highlight the power of the heart. Through purification, one may connect to divinity and all of creation. Golden Light Journey tours are based around connecting with the ancient energy of the land, and finding your true spirit.


I, Sayed Golden Light, am the Son of the Nile and one of the Key Guardians and Wisdom Keepers of this sacred land. With me, you will feel the beauty and welcoming safety of Egyptian hospitality. If you are aiming for a unique spiritual experience and would like to anchor the energy of love, compassion and peace here in Egypt, then please join me on this one of a kind spiritual journey. The powerful and healing energy present in the sacred sites will surely leave an unfading imprint on your entire being. 


Sending you Love and Light from the Pyramids, 

Sayed Golden Light                                                  Take a Tour...............          Special Tours..........

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