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Muriel B. via Facebook

January 2020

"If you want a safe trip, where you can enjoy yourself, and do not have to worry about anything, as well as being able to mediate in certain sites, I suggest you hire Sayed Adli Bdaway and Yousef Sayed Bdaway from golden light journey. Sayed and his son will make sure you are well taking care of, will treat you like family and will keep you safe. They took care of everything and were with us till the end. We had private tour guide at the #cairomuseum, and private guide on all the sites, that was really a nice touch to have people who are very knowledgeable and who spoke English. They bought all the ticket for each site and bottle water and coffee tea on many stops and snack too :). Along the way, I made great friends from the stone shop, to the hotel to one of the guide. Egyptian are very friendly and extremely hospitable. I have never met people being so sweet and kind in my life."


Robert Potter

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